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Ice Man Goes To Greenland

Ice Man and Bat Girl are on a mission in Copenhagen, when suddenly Ice Man’s powers weaken, his ice is starting to melt…

They need to get back to the Arctic to find the universal snow crystal to get him back to full strength. But Bat Girl can’t fly that far, it’s too cold and he can’t travel by ice in his weakened state. Luckily they meet some scientists who will help them get there, but will they find the magic snow crystal in time, and will the Arctic be cold enough to revive Ice Man?

Keep following along…

Lego figures bat girl and Ice Man are talking to.each other. Speech bubbles say "Ice Man your ice is melting" Ice Man replies "you're right! I need to get back ton the Arctic to refresh myself"
*For Ninjas in Antarctica see and for Lego Ninjas in Greenland at East GRIP ice core camp see: